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  Lombardy-Venetia   Scott   4b   Used   F-VF  15c red, type I, issued 1850

  Lombardy-Venetia   Scott   4   Used   F-VF  15c red, type III, issued 1850

  Lombardy-Venetia   Scott   5   Used   F-VF  30c brown, issued 1850

  Lombardy-Venetia   Scott   6c   Used   VF  45c blue, type II, issued 1850

  Lombardy-Venetia   Scott   6   Used   F-VF  45c blue, type III

  Lombardy-Venetia   Scott   10a   Used   F-VF  5c red, type II, issued 1858-1862

  Lombardy-Venetia   Scott   11a   Used   F-VF  10s brown, type I, issued 1858-1862

  Lombardy-Venetia   Scott   11   Used   F-VF  10s brown, type II, issued 1858-1862

  Lombardy-Venetia   Scott   12   Used   VF  15c blue, type II, issued 1858-1862

  Lombardy-Venetia   Scott   14   Used   VF  10c brown, issued 1861-1862

  Lombardy-Venetia   Scott   18   Used   VF  10s blue, issued 1863

  Lombardy-Venetia   Scott   19   Used   VF  15c yellow brown, issued 1863

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